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The best B-day present

I tured 24. it happend yesterday and I almost forgot it. We had a party one day begore the date, so I just thought it was kind of family celebration – just because w are together. I received some cute presents which I am very grateful for, but I did not feel diferent or older. Even my boyfriend did not remember, as he is far, that that day was supposed to to somehow special. It passed and I am 24.

However, today it has changed. I received te mos unexpected present. A chance to stay 3 more days with my family. For two reasons. First, because I thought I am flying one day before as it was written on my ticket and second, because of irresposibility of the British Airlines.

My ticket was book but it did not exist.Never. System gave me the false data. The problem was thatI founf it out during checking-in.How adorable! But, after few calls (I say few because a I am trying to be more optimistic) when explainng that it is not my problem but theirs, they gave me brad new ticket. Freshly sqeezed only-God-knows-from-where. I was very delighted.

3 more days.

My plan is:

day one – spend time with my charming nephew (age 3) and have a big talks with him, which he loves and it is very funny.

day two – mountains! refesh breathing freash air and get som sun!

day three – shopping, family, family, family and get some ice-cream!


That is the plan!

The best present ever!


Listen To Flo On Poetry Show Rhyme And Reason

.. when you kiss me I am happy enough to die ..

Love is a madness, it’s a sickness. It kind of posses you.It makes you to do things, that you…  just wouldn’t. You become desperate… and I think that’s frightening but very beautiful.


I don’t know how to blog. I’ve never done something like that. But on the other side, I always felt for writing. Writing a lot.

First thing I wanna share is how my life turned from pre-lined story of being stuck with someone for the rest of my life to “and they lived happily ever after” kind of story.

It all started like that…

Day one  –  travelling

Going by the plane is not always so easy.It thought it was, until today. I came to the lady which was supposed to by nice and took my luggage to the plane. She asked me where do I have visa to go to Brazil, I said with deep convinced voice  „I don´t need visa“

She just looked at me for very long time, I guess she didn´t find it polite and said „ ok, you need to ask for a seat in Zurich airport. Yes, I am going through, I thought. Than waiting a bit going to plane you know how it goes…kisses and tears saying bye to family members, boarding, flying, and landing. the same. The problem came later on after seeing how huge the Zurich airport is. I went to the gate where I was supposed to leave from with metro and 20min walking. When I came to the right place (of course I get lost, but just once!) there were more than one hundred people waiting in queue. Passport checking smiling man told me something about stand-by ticket and he told me where to go. At the second desk I was told that plane is completely full and I need to take a hotel and they give me some money back.  My tears stared to fell down on my cheeks. Maybe you said to yourself, crying is not helping to solve anything. I was stressed out and I felt desperately without mobile or anything to let my friend in Brazil know what´s going on. I sit for a minute and waited until all queue disappeared in plane. How wonderful! I am alone, lost and hungry and have no idea where I will stay tonight (it was just before midnight). Finally I went to the crew’s desk to ask, that was my last chance and the Indo-German gentleman told me “ sorry, we forgot on you, you can go in”. My eyes widely opened, my mouth spread out and I said nothing but ” really? THANK YOU.” I was slowly leaving but at the same time I was waiting if they are going to stop me.They didn´t. Suddenly I was on the board of the biggest plane I´ve ever been into and it was my plane. I was happy. I didn´t care waiting for Chinese lady to fit in her all suitcases. I was happy. I sat down by the nice reading boy saying hello, but probably in the rush he didn´t hear me. When the plane started to move I started to cry again. I knew it was silly again, but I was happy, stressed out like never before and confused and I couldn´t imagine flying more than 12 hours now. So I decided to take an action and play on poor confused girl and I asked that boy sitting with me for a tissue. He smiles with his thousand white shining teeth and gave me one and started talking with me. Then he asked me stuff like if this is my first flight, if I am scared, where I am from, what he was doing in Zurich and the good thing was that there was need to answer so much because he was talking, talking, talking. When I first looked through the window of the plane we were already in the sky. My fear was away. We continued talking about anything like Europe, travelling, Brazil, our lives anything that we experienced . It was first time that I talk to foreigner in the plane and it was wonderful. I loved his long eyelashes and the way he pronounced – with the funny accent which I figure out later on, was of course Portuguese.

And how his face was smiling all the time, especially when he talked about something interesting for him, which made him really excited. After few hours silence came. I felt like I know him for a long time. We started to play game, which we called later on: “what if”. You know how to play it.

If not: you said what if and imagine some absurd situation and the person have to say what he would do, how would he behave. It was very funny, if you never tried it you should. We played it more than six hours and thank that game I felt like I have a best friend by my side all the time. It was so wonderful I forgot the time, everybody was sleeping and snoring and we were talking and laughing. Just one hour before landing I started to feel little bit funny; without sleep and in such a small space. Maybe you know that feeling when you came to the stage of your mind when you don´t care so much what you are doing or talking about. I tried not to, but I was too tired to take control of myself like I usually does. I wanted to get out of that plane as soon as I can, but on the other side I never wanted to leave. Leave him. I forgot to tell his name, he was called Mauricio. He was very warm-hearted, smiling, a tiny bit flirting too  – but it was just because he was exhausted too, I thought. I didn´t wanted to finish our friendship by landing on the ground. We landed and our friendship was there. He waited for me. He was so sweet.

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